Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Things I Learned in 2013

You know, tomorrow's 2014, new year, yadda yadda...

Well, here goes nothing...

> I couldn't really remember what happened on the first three months in 2013.

> Twitter's still fun most of the time.

> Guillermo del Toro is a genius. Pacific Rim is the most exciting movie I've ever seen (and felt) in my life.

> Local Tv channel is shitty (most of the time).

> Instagram is nice place to post your drawings.

> Classic movies (like Total Recall, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Seven Samurai) are awesome.

> Artic Monkeys' AM is a great album.

> Kodaline is a great band.

> I need to buy a Wii U and/or 3DS.

> The Last of Us is an awesome game.

> Cats are your friends for loneliness

> ...that, or cigarettes.

> Love Calendar is a pretty accurate app on Android.

> My hair isn't black.

> Short-haired cute girls are cute.

> Cute girls are cute.

> Dad's reaction on knowing that I smoke way better than I thought. Mom on the other hand...

> Reading comics is fun. And more fun if you have the pyhsical copy of it.

> Reading books is fun, only time consuming.

> No matter how many things you've "downloaded", it's still fun to have the pyhsical copy of it.

> Not everything is good in digital.

> Kamen Rider Kabuto is an awesome show.

> Kamen Rider Gaim's too.

> SHFiguarts is poison. A sweet, sweet poison.

> Multi Toys and Game is a dangerous place.

> Never bring your camera close to a sea.

> I'm not a good interviewer ...yet.

> Money isn't the problem, not having money is.

> I'm still lazy as always.

> People will only care about the "starving African children" when an actor/popular people died.

> A fun school/college orientation exist, but really--REALLY--hard to experience it.

> It's fun to have a similar name with someone.

> Bandung is a nice place.

> 4chan is an awesome place.

> Always took care of your toys, even the really old ones. You'll never know how much you'll miss it when it's gone.

> Booze and cigarette ain't that bad.

> Fruits are the best medicine.

> It's hard to have a healthy life.

> I love Spider-Man.

> Nope, still not interested on any religion.

> I really need to start my own comic.

> It ain't bragging if you can really do it.

> Just because you think it is, doesn't mean it is. When in doubt, ask.

...I think that's it?