Friday, October 9, 2015

Brittle Wood Stairs

Have you ever make a  long-term plans for yourself? You know, a list of things that you should do or achieve in a year or two or even three?

Well, I’ve never been that kind of person to be honest. Heck, sometimes I don’t even know what I’m doing right now (as in, am I really gonna finish this post and upload it or not? We’ll see) (and I did, yay!).

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Things I Learned in 2013

You know, tomorrow's 2014, new year, yadda yadda...

Well, here goes nothing...

> I couldn't really remember what happened on the first three months in 2013.

> Twitter's still fun most of the time.

> Guillermo del Toro is a genius. Pacific Rim is the most exciting movie I've ever seen (and felt) in my life.

> Local Tv channel is shitty (most of the time).

> Instagram is nice place to post your drawings.

> Classic movies (like Total Recall, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Seven Samurai) are awesome.

> Artic Monkeys' AM is a great album.

> Kodaline is a great band.

> I need to buy a Wii U and/or 3DS.

> The Last of Us is an awesome game.

> Cats are your friends for loneliness

> ...that, or cigarettes.

> Love Calendar is a pretty accurate app on Android.

> My hair isn't black.

> Short-haired cute girls are cute.

> Cute girls are cute.

> Dad's reaction on knowing that I smoke way better than I thought. Mom on the other hand...

> Reading comics is fun. And more fun if you have the pyhsical copy of it.

> Reading books is fun, only time consuming.

> No matter how many things you've "downloaded", it's still fun to have the pyhsical copy of it.

> Not everything is good in digital.

> Kamen Rider Kabuto is an awesome show.

> Kamen Rider Gaim's too.

> SHFiguarts is poison. A sweet, sweet poison.

> Multi Toys and Game is a dangerous place.

> Never bring your camera close to a sea.

> I'm not a good interviewer ...yet.

> Money isn't the problem, not having money is.

> I'm still lazy as always.

> People will only care about the "starving African children" when an actor/popular people died.

> A fun school/college orientation exist, but really--REALLY--hard to experience it.

> It's fun to have a similar name with someone.

> Bandung is a nice place.

> 4chan is an awesome place.

> Always took care of your toys, even the really old ones. You'll never know how much you'll miss it when it's gone.

> Booze and cigarette ain't that bad.

> Fruits are the best medicine.

> It's hard to have a healthy life.

> I love Spider-Man.

> Nope, still not interested on any religion.

> I really need to start my own comic.

> It ain't bragging if you can really do it.

> Just because you think it is, doesn't mean it is. When in doubt, ask.

...I think that's it?

Friday, November 15, 2013

Food, Happiness, Questions

Kue, lilin, kembang api, pesta, canda, tawa.


Satu hari yang (seharusnya) biasa saja, menjadi suatu hal yang spesial. Terlalu spesial.

Pedang bermata dua.

Saat mendapatkan hal yang menyenangkan, karena merasa hari tersebut merupakan hari yang spesial, terasa lebih menyenangkan berkali-kali lipat.

Saat mendapatkan hal yang menyebalkan, karena merasa hari tersebut merupakan hari yang (seharusnya) spesial, terasa lebih menyebalkan berkali-kali lipat.

Sekali lagi, pedang bermata dua. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Holiday's End

Ah, holiday.
A day(s) where it’s possible to stay up until six in the morning without going to sleep.
A day(s) where it’s possible to sleep for 12 hours.
A day(s) where it’s socially accepted to just stay on your bed (in your room, to be exact) for the rest of the day.

Who doesn’t love holiday?
Well, just like any other... stuff. It must end.
Four days of holiday, eh? Is it enough?
Nah, of course it’s not. It’s never enough. Nothing is never enough.

I won’t complain though. It’s life anyway.
We enter a phase, get out of phase, happy at some phase, suicidal at some phase. You know, the usual stuff.
...what? You think I’m complaining?
No, honey, no. I’m not complaining, I’m just... well... stating my opinion, that’s all. You know, the usual stuff.

So, erhm, yeah. Holiday ended, still got some assignment(s) to do.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Simply Can't

Let’s just say I can’t. I simply can’t.

Doing the exact same thing in an exact same hole again. I simply can’t.

It’s not about being a boy and ain’t supposed to cry.
(what the hell is wrong with being a boy and crying anyway?)

It’s not about being a boy and feel ashamed ‘cause the girl could do it.
(what the hell was that even mean?)

It’s not about you people, it’s about me.

I simply can’t.

Those irrational arguments.

Those irrational reasons.

Those irrational shouts.

Those... anything irrational you could throw at us, at them, at me.

I simply can’t.

I expect a different thing. It’s a one year difference for God’s sake.

But then, It’s the exact same thing with the same old reason.

I tried, to be honest. I tried.

But I can’t. I simply can’t.

It’s not being brave, it got nothing to do with it.

It’s about keeping my sanity.


I can’t.

I simply can’t.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Home is...

I’m at home.

After all those stupid unfortunate events, I could reach my home afterall.

Home where I spent most of my time as a high-schooler.

Home where my parent and my littler brother is.


Home sweet home.

Is it?

Some say that “home is where the (figurative) heart is”.

I agree. As a college student who lived not-so faraway from a place where he spent most of his time as a high-schooler, I agree.

But then, time changes.

(Sometimes) I feel weird. Feel weird to this place, to this so-called home.

At my home, I miss my that-place-where-I-stay-in-not-so-faraway-place.

At that place, I miss my home.

Funny. But that’s what I feel.

Then, what’s home for me?

Some place that I’ll miss but couldn’t live in it?


Am I overexaggerating this thing?

Maybe. I guess.

So... home, eh?