Friday, October 9, 2015

Brittle Wood Stairs

Have you ever make a  long-term plans for yourself? You know, a list of things that you should do or achieve in a year or two or even three?

Well, I’ve never been that kind of person to be honest. Heck, sometimes I don’t even know what I’m doing right now (as in, am I really gonna finish this post and upload it or not? We’ll see) (and I did, yay!).

Making plans seems like a scary things to me. It is. It’s like... fighting the future, the probability, the God-or-other-deity-knows-what-will-happen-just-because. It’s simply scary. And I’m scared.
And, well, my life’s do seem like a mess. Smallest example: look at this blog, and my other blog, and my other, other blog. (and even my soundcloud) (no, not my instagram because I deleted my old one then created the new one and so far still unsure with what should I filled it with) (...and I’m just gonna put my link here, because I want to).

Then I start making plans. From the smallest one. Like what I’m gonna eat today, what games will I play after class, etc., etc...

Things felt a *little* better. Then suddenly, stuff happened.

Let’s get back to the start:

Have you ever make a long-term plans for yourself? You know, a list of things that you should do or achieve in a year or two or even three?

Because I did make plans, but haven’t reach that scale. Then suddenly, something... good, I guess, happened. Something that so big of a scale, doesn’t fit in my current plan. Something so big, that it made me couldn’t sleep, stay up late, and decide to write about it then, maybe, I could sleep.

I, myself, not even sure how, but it happened.

I. Got. A. Job.

Not-so-hyperbolic illustration of how I reacted that time

As in a paid, with money, company-related, job, job.

It felt weird. It is weird.

Few weeks ago, if you asked me about what am I gonna do after, someday, I graduate, I have no idea what I’m gonna say (and I still have no idea what I’m gonna say). But then there’s this vacancy, curiosity, looking for information here and there, a little push and help from friends (thanks, guys), then suddenly I made my very first own CV, did my first job interview, and... voila, a job.

A job.


(and the most important thing to do about this job: planning. Planning, planning, planning.)

I’m not gonna lecture you about how important it is to have plan in your life (because, seriously, it still scares me) but, if you’re looking for the moral in this story—just because you’re into that stuff: make plans.

Or don’t be a dick on the internet so good things may happened to you.

I dunno.

In the meantime...

Hope I'd survive

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