Friday, December 30, 2011

An Epilogue For This Year

Well, to keep it simple, I learned a lot in this year and also make a lot of mistake too.

There's been a lot of memories, good or bad, epic or embarrassing, stupid or smart, in this year.

Regret..? Well, I don't like regretting my own action, but truth to be told, there's a few things that "I'm not proud of".

But, hey, we all learn from our mistakes right..?
We will never know if something is "wrong" or "right" until someone point it out for us, or experienced it ourselves. Those stacks of mistakes are what we use in our mission to be a better person.

So, let's start a new chapter with all of our experience from this year.

Let's survive 2012.

p.s. There's a question that had not been answered, maybe I'll find the answer next year, here's the question: Which one is better, pretend to be good so the people accept you or be yourself and get hated by the people?

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