Monday, June 25, 2012

Another Visit

Oh, hi, Boredom. So, we meet again.

I’m bored with you, why aren’t you bored with me?

Wait, that’s gonna be funny, “Boredom is bored” hahaha...

So... yeah, I’m bored here.

I really want something but I can’t have it. Not now.

And now I’m here, trapped with you, with no idea what to do to make you leave.


Hope you didn’t bring Death with you.

Why? Because I heard that many people died from boredom.

Don’t know if it’s true though. I hope it’s not.

Could you... entertain me or something?

Wait, of course you won’t, I’m the one who entertain you right now.

Like a king with his jester.

Like a nobleman with his slave.

Like a president with his song people.

So... yeah, I’m bored here.

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