Friday, June 21, 2013

Exam Thought

Why you didn’t do it?
Wait, what?

On the exam, why don’t you just... “cheat”?
Because I don’t like it?
Wait, who the fuck are you anyway?

I’m you, stupid.
You? Me? Wait, what?

Try to use that head of yours.

Ah! From that time, eh?

Yep, now answer the question.
What question?

Hahaha. Relax, relax...

Then answer it, dammit!
Yeah yeah. So... I didn’t do it because... well, ‘cause I don’t like it.

But noboy cares...
But I care. It’s about MYSELF.

Oh, come on. Nobody cares about how, they only care about the result.
Of course. But it’s not about them. It’s about ME.

Stubborn little asshole, aren’t you?
But I’m you. Remember?


Back to the topic. Why you didn’t do it? It’s simple, it’s easy, no one cares. Only you and God knows about it.
Well, but if I let it happen, then it’ll eat me from the inside.

Such a poet, aren’t you?
Shut up.
But, for real. It ain’t that simple. Some people may ignore this thing, but me? I couldn’t. I wouldn’t.

But you do this kind of thing, right?
“Did” would be the right grammar. That’s not so long time ago though. But, hey, people changes, right?

If you said so...

Wait- just like that?

Uh... so... bye?


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