Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"You ever think about the future?"

TLoU - American Dream

Have I ever think about my future?
Sometimes, yeah.
But to be honest, I’m afraid about it.
I’m afraid about my future.

Well, first thing first: My future—or in this case, everyone’s future—is unclear.
That adjective is the very reason that I’m scared.

Plan. Plans.
People made plans. Me too.
But, ‘cause of the reason up there, I’m scared to make plan(s).
I’m scared with failures. Terrified by it.
Then again, plans are just plans.

Then, what I’m gonna do with my life?
Video-game journalism? That’s just a plan.
That’s just an answer I made up for all those old-bunch out there.
Just to keep them shut.

I don’t want to be controlled by the system, that’s for sure.
But, it’s inevitable though.

It’s like walking while looking at that big, dark wall on the distance.
You want to avoid it, yet you know you can’t.
You know you’ll meet the wall.

I know I’ll meet the wall.
So, have I ever think about my future?

It’s unclear.

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