Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'm Bored... and This Happened

Let me use this boredom to look back in time.
To talk about a special girl whom I love.

I’m sure this post will sounds stupid and cheesy but, hey, who cares?
Not me.

Here we go...

My first reaction’s always: How?
It’s not your average teenage-lovey-dovey thing.
There’s no time to stupidly throw codes and shit, waiting for “the right time” and stuff.
No time to labelling each other, no sequences.

It just happens.

It just happens.
Like a river, flowing with some obstacle here and there... and there... and there... oh, also there... there too... wow, that’s a big one... and there again... and... enough.

It just happens.
First hug, which’s a random of act mine which turned into the second coziest hug in the world.
First kiss on her cheek which’s also a random act of mine which created the cutest reaction at that time.
First kiss... which... well... hehe.
First sort-of-romantic dance in school.
I don’t remember the first time we hold each other hand though...

A random act of love.

It is a random act, but it based on something that aren’t easy to explain.
But it happens.

I already warned you that this post will sounds stupid and cheesy, right?

Okay, continue...

Like I said, it just happens.
A random act of love which turned into the best love story of mine (our) with some victim here and there...

Hey, people always say that “love is a sacrifice”, no?

It happens. Love happens.

Love in our own way.
Which I (we) enjoy.

Yeah, it happens.

Fuck, I’m old.

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